The Papillon hotel reserves the right to admit pets based on the criteria of the management and its internal policies and the allocation of a certain type of room specifically for people traveling with pets. Pets over 15kg will not be accepted.
It is essential that the pet is vaccinated and internally and externally dewormed.
All pets must have the necessary equipment to sleep. If you need a feeder / drinker for your pet, inquire at the reception.
It is forbidden for pets to climb or sleep on the hotel furniture, bathe in the bathroom or shower in the room or use the hotel towels.
The pet should not be alone in the room, except for half an hour for breakfast.
The pet must always wear its leash properly tied to its neck in any area of ​​the hotel.
Pets must always be under the supervision of an adult.
The owner must compulsorily collect his pet's stools anywhere on the hotel grounds, including in the gardens. At the reception you are provided with bags for the purpose.
Pets are prohibited from entering the hotel's pool, restaurant and reception areas.
Any damage caused by the pet is the responsibility of the owner.
The tranquility and space of the other guests must be respected.

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